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T his type of demo can show a representation of the sound waves produced by musical instruments. However, the instrument has to be played with a single continuous note. In such a demo, the oscilloscope displays sound intensity versus time. To calculate the speed of sound we would need distance versus time data. We're at a loss to explain what Keyes is really trying to do but are forced to give him the benefit of the doubt since he's snatched from class by federal agents before completing his demo.

b) delighted at the fact that someone is finally saying what you’ve been thinking every time some brain-dead fuckstick friend of yours has burst through your door swaddling a newborn named Paden, Breckstin, Trinja, Jaggart, Trixton, Alize’, Cearra, Kaydinn, or Dontraveontrelle.

It's happened to me, too — so I'm sure we both know that god-awful feeling you have in your stomach when your website just won't load and you have no idea what to do.

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