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Core ML supports a wide variety of models . In supporting these models, Core ML expects us to create them in a few set environments. This helps to delimit the support domain for the coremltools package that we need to use to generate our .mlmodel file.

When watching any Lord of the Rings movie, a franchise that includes massive battles, giant dragons, and talking trees, one question inevitably comes to mind: What is the life expectancy of the average Hobbit? The answer is 106 years , and we know this thanks to a Swedish fan named Emil Johansson, who not only cataloged every single character mentioned in . Tolkien's novels (all 923 of them), but also used this information to create a thorough statistical analysis of Middle-Earth. He then put all of this on an interactive website, .

Dork , when used to refer to a socially awkward or inept person, is a relatively recent word: our records indicate that it first appeared in writing in the 1960s. Two of its synonyms in this sense are likewise of fairly recent vintage. Nerd (typically used of a studious species of dork) dates from the 1950s; it was coined by Dr. Seuss in his 1950 book If I Ran the Zoo , although not in the sense that we use today. Geek became synonymous with nerd in the 1950s. Prior to this, the word referred to, among other things, a carnival performer who would bite the head off a live chicken, or other small animal, as part of an act.

Various - Nerd Records Podcast [001] - Shane BlitzVarious - Nerd Records Podcast [001] - Shane BlitzVarious - Nerd Records Podcast [001] - Shane BlitzVarious - Nerd Records Podcast [001] - Shane Blitz